Assertive Communcation and Active Listening Training

What is it about: Minds are like parachutes: they only function when open. Listen for success in a fast-paced world to hear and be heard. While everyone would acknowledge that listening is one of the basic skills of human interaction, many are just not good listeners. Surveys show that one of the most important motivators for employees to stay with a company is that they feel heard and listened to by their leaders. Listening skills is one of the functions that is critical to surviving in a fast-paced world where staff, customers and key stakeholders are bombarded with literally thousands of messages and sound bites daily. This one-day hands-on seminar will help participants learn how to listen not only actively and also contextually. Participants will return to their business with an increased foundation to listen, hear and translate these skills into actions, motivation and increased communication across their business areas. Through an active learning approach, and role-plays, participants will leave the course with specific objectives that can immediately be implemented:

  • How to measure listening potential
  • A basic toolkit of listening skills including paraphrasing, summing up, repetition and testing for understanding
  • Interactive and structured improvisational units to drive home key points
  • How to listen not only actively but also contextually, and decipher the basics of body language, interpreting and adjusting for fit
  • Dealing with silence and noise
  • Implementation Skills

How the course is structured:

  • Introductions
  • Common goals of the course
  • Ice breaker exercise: “The Awareness Quiz”
  • Exercise “Instant Replay”
  • Content delivery: Body language, Listening
  • Listening exercise: “The Italian truck story”
  • Group exercise: “Listening and Repeating”
  • Group exercise: “The Coconut Crisis”
  • Role play: The group meeting: modeling 4 attitudes
  • Interactive activity in triads
  • Group role play: “The Cocktail Party”
  • Role play: “The Customer Call”
  • Debrief, wrap up and personal mission statements
  • Overall Process check

Pre-requisites: none

Length: 1 day


Minds are like parachutes: they only function when open. Communicating in a fast-paced world to hear and be heard.

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