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Robbie is a communications and leadership coach / trainer working across a variety of industries and international non-governmental organizations.

He firmly believes that at the forefront of any organization, how leaders communicate is crucial to their success. He helps individuals and teams to:

  • Positively influence customers, colleagues and subordinates to get the outcomes desired with everyone feeling valued and respected;
  • Present ideas in a more compelling, confident manner;
  • Handle difficult or sensitive topics, (customer meetings, financial presentations, major speeches, team interactions) reducing nervousness and increasing overall effectiveness; and
  • Develop leadership skills and leadership presence when negotiating with different cultures and personalities.

Since great teamwork is not always a given, he works with teams on how they work as a unit, and how personality preferences influence actions and behaviors. He helps teams move from conflict to productive conflict resolution using a language of cooperation, requests and understanding.

He combines NonViolent Communication and the tenets of Neuro Linguistic Programming into many of his programs.

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“…you have been instrumental in bringing phenomenal positive changes in my professional and personal life. I have been recognized and given a promotion to a critical, challenging role that I love. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.”
– S.G, Cognizant

His qualifications and training (MBA, NVC, NLP) don’t describe what sets Robbie apart: energy and style.

Partner with Robbie to unlock your organization’s possibilities. Robbie Kahn works with individuals and organizations to co-create forward movement.

Work together, build on your strengths.

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