photo of RC Kahn in the midst of a presentation

It’s not just what you say, it’s often more important how you say it. When presenting either yourself or any topic, be who you need to be — the congruent “you.”

At the forefront of any organization, the communication skills of executives are crucial to the success of their organization. Individuals must be able to present, influence and connect with others in a powerful and persuasive manner. Executives often need more than general training. They need focused coaching on how to structure and deliver messages important to the future of their organization.

In the absence of a story, people make up their own story about you.Why not have them make up a great story about you? The starting point to a great story about you is great presentation skills. The methodology to do this includes working from the “outside-in” on skills such as body language, stance, volume, gestures. It also requires an “inside out” approach which includes mastering self-talk and nerves, remaining focused and open both internally and externally. What makes this complicated is the fact that presentation skills must be “in use” while you are multiprocessing, in other words you need to master presentation and impact skills as you present, take nasty questions, stay aware, be “available”. The challenge is that presenting content itself latter requires a large sense of awareness. You need to therefore build the muscle to present before you get in the room.

Once you’ve built a great set of presentation skills, they can run in the deep background – omnipresent, there for you to support you and make you impactful.

The goal: success by design, never by chance to get more of what you want, more of the time, with less hassle, less resistance and more buy-in — in all areas of your life.

Present yourself with gravitas and authenticity to get your message across.

His qualifications and training (MBA, NVC, NLP) don’t describe what sets Robbie apart: energy and style.

Partner with Robbie to unlock your organization’s possibilities. Robbie Kahn works with individuals and organizations to co-create forward movement.

Work together, build on your strengths.

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